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Annual school and district reports

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State Reports

The following reports include statewide analysis of BMI data collected in public schools including overall childhood obesity trends in Arkansas, and weight classification percentages by gender, grade and ethnicity. Appendices included in the report show overall results by school, school district and by county.

Arkansas Assessment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

Year Seventeen 2019-2020

Year Sixteen 2018-2019

Year Fifteen 2017-2018

Year Fourteen 2016-2017

Year Thirteen 2015-2016

Year Twelve 2014-2015

Year Eleven 2013-2014

Year Ten 2012-2013

Year Nine 2011-2012

Year Eight 2010-2011

Year Seven 2009-2010

Year Six 2008-2009

Year Five 2007-2008

Year Four 2006-2007

Year Three 2005-2006
Executive Summary

Year Two 2004-2005
Executive Summary

Year One 2003-2004

Arkansas School and Nursing Staff

The BMI Data Entry process is changing soon. Information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

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